The written self. Method: using methods from literary studies, narrative analysis.

Week 3 Resources:

Page, Ruth (2010) “Re-examining narrativity: small stories in status updates”. Text and Talk. Issue 30(4). Pp 423-444.[online] Available at

Ryan, Marie-Laure: “Narration in Various Media”. In: Hühn, Peter et al. (eds.): the living handbook of narratology. Hamburg: Hamburg University. URL =  http://www.lhn.uni-

Narrative in Snapchat stories – Jill Walker Rettberg

This week I edited my About section.


Some “About” pages from different craft blogs:

Polish IT Guy’s observations about life and work in Ireland:

My idea about using jewellery as a help to create narrative, in this case adapted to Library Makerspace project: Storytelling through Jewellery making.

During my work in community sector I facilitated these kind of workshops with various groups: like ethnic minorities or support groups for women and men. Some day after college I will write a blog about it using blogging experience from this module.



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